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Miracles Abound - Living a New Awareness!



A short time ago I heard of a study that said that about 85% of Christians don't believe in miracles. More than surprised by this, I was dismayed. I, and many Christians, know the reality of miracles. This book is a response to those Christians who are in need of experiencing this reality. 

This book deals with the reality of miracles in our present time and yes, it is supported by biblical understandings and teachings. 

JESUS said in John 11:40: "Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?"

This writing will give you a new vision through which to understand miracles and will lead you into the understanding of living a miraculous life. It will offer teachings along the way on how to enhance your awareness of miracles and to understand them through the eyes of JESUS. Above all, miracles are a part of a vibrant Christian life and to miss this reality is to fall far short of the joy that JESUS wants you to experience - that is, seeing "the glory of God."

"He challenges us all to see what we're missing that is right at hand and ours by right. Blood bought and paid, still we settle and survive with but a fraction of the grace and joy and gifting that God has reserved for us. There is so much, much more. Read this, ponder it and pray. Then walk in the greater joy of the Lord." Stephen Johnson, The Freedom Outpost

"Miracles Abound" is a book for everyone. Miracles like everything else go unnoticed in our busy world. Gordon, through Scripture and real life experiences, enlightens us to miracles that surround us everyday. Great read with a feel good finish." Coach John Miller, Founder and Director of SMILE Program (Student Mentoring in Life & Education)

"Gordon writes out of rich personal experience, Some talk - he walks. Some write it - he lives it. Some question - he obeys. His vibrant experience of listening to the Holy Spirit's voice comes through wonderfully in this book. As you read it, you will be challenged to a deeper, closer walk with Jesus. 'My sheep know my voice.'"  Rev. Bob Moon, Pastor and Elder of the United Methodist Church

"Thirty years of faithfully serving the Lord has provided Gordon with the Biblical -saturated, theologically precise, and Gospel framed life experiences which God has graciously revealed to us in these pages. Yes, Miracles do Abound."  Charlie Crews, Chick-Fil-A Operator and one of the great  cloud of witnesses.

"It is a great book ...I took a lot away from reading this book...the stories helped me better understand that God and His Miracles are in virtually all of our day to day activities...if we will just look. If God lives "in us" we will be able to see Him, His grace and His miracles as we walk thru life each day." Rusty Griffin, A Saint in the LORD and Retired Businessman.

"Have truly enjoyed the book...a great reminder of GOD's presence, and the miracles around us everyday. What a great blessing to know we can be part of the process through faith grounded in His grace!!" Chuck Rigoni, Kairos Ministry

"To me the mark of a good book captivates and removes me, if only for a short time from life circumstance. Gordon's book does just that. 'Miracles Abound' will give you a different perspective about real people experiencing real miracles in their lives. You will be blessed by what you read." Gerald Spell, Lay Pastor 

"Gordon Van Namee's 'Miracles Abound' has a life enhancing potential...the vast research provided in his book about miracles testify that living in harmony with God's grace is itself a miraculous life."  Dr. Dwayne Gavin, Pastor and Author

"Miracles Abound: Are You Walking in the Path of Miracles?" Is available for immediate Delivery at our online store or it can be found at and other major book distributors- Be Blessed - Bless a Life!!!