Getting to the Basics


Our Source of Truth

As we journey in this experience together you should know our perspective. We hold the Bible, the Holy Scripture, to be the highest form of revelation given of GOD to His children, through JESUS CHRIST. We believe that it is enlivened by the empowering of the HOLY SPIRIT. It is our primary source of truth for reconciliation to GOD the FATHER and for the navigation of our lives and relationships. 

The Validation of Truth

We hold that the saints that have gone before us and are present with us have helped to shape our theological understanding. We celebrate the participation with these saints from the Early Church to present. Currently Christians everywhere stand upon the shoulders of those that have prepared our way. This is the tradition that we value and offer to uphold as it serves as validation of the truth of GOD's Holy writing.

The Experience of Truth

We hold that the revelation of life in JESUS CHRIST can be experienced on an individual and personal basis. This understanding is consistent with the desire of JESUS CHRIST to have a loving and intimate relationship with all of His children. This reality has been proclaimed throughout the ages and in present times.    

The Application of Reason

Given the revelation of GOD through Scripture, its validation through Tradition, its illuminated presence through Experience, it is only appropriate to apply Reason. Reason is GOD's gift to humankind. By its application to the areas of Scripture, 

Tradition and Experience one is given the ability to create a proper perspective of the interactive dynamic that GOD offers us for our life's existence upon this earth and for life eternal.

Note: Unless specified, biblical quotations are from the NKJV. Also, it is my choice to captitalize the names of the Holy Family. This is a personal reflection of my reverance and understanding that they are greater than all. I will also capitalize the pronouns accordingly.